Spectator info

Ticket info

  • All Event ticket sales stars in June 22nd at 10.00 (UTC+3) at Ticketmaster.fi. Day ticket sales starts on August.
  • Paid tickets are not transferable or refundable,
  • Tickets are not refundable due to illness or any other personal reason.
  • The event organizer will not replace stolen, destroyed or lost tickets.
  • There is no tickets sale at the Arena.
  • If leaving the Arena during the competition, the ticket must be scanned or the access will no longer exists.


  • Only All-event ticket holders can visit practices at the main arena. Practices at he practice arena are not open for the public.

Security and forbidden things

  • When required, the ticket holder has to prove his/her identity.
  • Spectators not obeying by the regulations can be removed from the Arena by event staff.
  • It is forbidden to bring own drinks or meals to the Metro Arena.
  • Firearms, multifunctional tools, drugs, explosives, fireworks, pets etc. are forbidden in Metro Arena.

Baby carriage and cloakroom

  • There is no separate place for the baby carriage preservation.
  • There is no cloakroom in the Arena.

Photographing & video recording by the individual spectator

  • Spectators can take pictures for the personal use from their own seats.
  • Due to the tv- and streaming productions, video filming of the competition event and / or individual performances and distribution on the internet, is strictly prohibited by anyone other than the organizer. The person who violates the rule can be removed.
  • Flash photography and cameras that interfere with other fans enjoyment are not allowed.
  • Any resale photography is not allowed


  • There are several restaurants on the first and second floors of the Arena, where salty and sweet snacks can be purchased.
  • Bringing own food or beverages is not allowed. Refillable water bottle (plastic etc.) can be brought to the arena.


  • There are several exhibitor stands on the first floor of the Metro Arena which are open for the public during the competition.
  • If interested in registration as exhibitor, please contact salla.makela@stll.fi

Promotion at the Arena

  • Any kind of advertising and promotion by a non-event organizer or their official partners is forbidden.
  • Promotional material that shows competing brands, businesses or events are not allowed at the Arena.

For further questions please contact finlandiatrophy@stll.fi