Finlandia Trophy Espoo schedules, skating orders and results

Please follow the schedule in the link

Thursday 7.10. starting at 13

13.00 Special Olympics skaters
14.30 Prize Giving Ceremony, 2nd floor next to Press Center
14.30 Pair skating, Short Program
17.15-21.25 Men, Short Program

Friday 8.10. starting at 13

13.00 Pair Skating, Free Skating
16.00-20.55 Men, free skating
Prize Giving Ceremony Pairs and Men

Saturday 9.10. starting at 13

13.00 Ice Dance, Rhythm Dance
16.00 Women, Short Program
20.20-21.20 Synchronized Skating, Short Program
Prize Giving Ceremony Synchronized Skating

Sunday 10.10. starting at 13

13.00 Ice Dance, Free Dance
16.20-21.25 Women, Free Skating
Prize Giving Ceremony Ice dance and Women

Subject to change.