Spectator info

Spectator info

Ticket info

  • All event -ticket sales starts on May 16th at 10.00 at Ticketmaster.fi.
  • Day ticket sale starts on August 1st at 10.00 and from ten on all event -tickets are only sale on section 202.
  • Group tickets by calling Ticketmaster.fi 0600 10 800.
  • Paid tickets are not transferable or refundable,
  • Tickets are not refundable due to illness or any other personal reason.
  • The event organizer will not replace stolen, destroyed or lost tickets.
  • There is no tickets sale at the Arena.
  • If leaving the Arena during the competition, the ticket must be scanned or the access will no longer exists.

Where is the kiss and cry located?

The kiss and cry area will be located opposite of section 101 and 102.

Where is the judges’ stand located?

The judges’ stand will be constructed in front section 210 and 209.


  • Only all event -ticket holders can visit practices at the main arena. Practices at he practice arena are not open for the public.

Gifts and flowers to skaters

Gifts & flowers to skaters are allowed to throw on to the ice after performance.

Security and forbidden things

  • When required, the ticket holder has to prove their identity.
  • Spectators not obeying by the regulations can be removed from the Arena by event staff.
  • It is forbidden to bring own drinks or meals to the Metro Arena.
  • Firearms, multifunctional tools, drugs, explosives, fireworks, pets etc. are forbidden in Metro Arena.

Baby carriage and cloakroom

  • There is no separate place for the baby carriage preservation.
  • There is no cloakroom in the Arena.

Photographing & video recording by the individual spectator

  • Spectators can take pictures for the personal use from their own seats.
  • Due to the tv- and streaming productions, video filming of the competition event and / or individual performances and distribution on the internet, is strictly prohibited by anyone other than the organizer. The person who violates the rule can be removed.
  • Flash photography and cameras that interfere with other fans enjoyment are not allowed.
  • Any resale photography is not allowed


  • There are several restaurants on the first and second floors of the Arena, where salty and sweet snacks can be purchased.
  • Bringing own food or beverages is not allowed. Refillable water bottle (plastic etc.) can be brought to the arena.


  • There are several exhibitor stands on the first floor of the Metro Arena which are open for the public during the competition.
  • If interested in registration as exhibitor, please contact salla.makela@stll.fi

Promotion at the Arena

  • Any kind of advertising and promotion by a non-event organizer or their official partners is forbidden.
  • Promotional material that shows competing brands, businesses or events are not allowed at the Arena.

Usefull information

Average weather in Espoo in November: The weather is cold with a gentle breeze. Daily mean temperature is 4 °C.
Credit cards: All major credit cards are generally accepted in Finland.
Currency: The currency of Finland is the euro (EUR).
Electricity: The electric current in Finland is 230 V, 50 Hz. European two-pin plug system is used.
Emergency number: Finland uses the European emergency number, which is 112.
Opening hours: Most shops are open from 10am to 8pm or 9pm. However, the opening hours vary widely and some supermarkets are open 2 h.
Time zone: Finland is located in the Eastern European Time Zone (UTC + 2 in winter).
VAT included in the prices: The Value Added Tax (VAT) is always included in the price presented to the customers.
Water: The tap water is safe to drink in Finland.

For further questions please contact finlandiatrophy@stll.fi