Environment-friendly Finlandia Trophy - Finlandia Trophy Espoo was given EcoCompass Certificate

We pay attention to the environment! . Our goal is to decrease the environmental stress caused by the event.

Recycling is important. We want to make recycling more efficient during the event and hope the visitors pay attention to this as well. On our website we will hand out tips of information about small, easy environmental choices people can make. One can perhaps leave the car at home and use the public transportation system to arrive to Barona Arena, or perhaps just form a carpool and share a ride with friends!
We pay attention to the energy sources used to make the event possible: we are buying greener electricity for the event to lighten the burden caused to the environment.

One of our goals is simply raising awareness! By taking small steps together we can make healthier choices for ourselves and the environment.

What is the Eco Compass?

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